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blech...crazy dreams

I was trying to get to Seattle.

Don't ask me why this was so important, I think it had something to do with checking out UW as a future graduate school, got pretty weird. Especially with all the random LJ and other people who got caught up in the dream. For example, it started with my having to take a flight out of Redding, so I caught the flight, but then I decided to grab a bag instead of the newspaper stand I was toting around, and ... needless to say, the plane was gone. I yelled angrily at it (because apperantly, I was Gandalf, the character, not gandalfgreyhame).

Anyway, after waking up my mom's best friend by stopping randomly at her house, jillcaligirl and I got back to the airport, where I caught the next flight out. and on the flight were some people I didn't particularly like. But they were civil to me throughout the flight. The plane I was on had bat wings too. We eventually land at Portland Airport, and I didn't have to fasten my seatbelt on landing. So I get off the plane, and there's Glushko, waiting for me, and I don't know why, but he seems civil enough, and it turns out he's injured, and it all seems to be going well, so that's good. And I pull out my travel docs and I see the craziest flight schedule I've ever seen.

But it's being routed through San Diego, so I make a point to call jrenken and see if he'd want me, and of course, since I was going to Seattle, I needed to call tanesmuti...

and then suddenly I was Gandalf again, and I was going to fly with a broken sword. And that's where I woke up.

this stuff doesn't make sense. :P

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