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Gimme a goddamn Vanilla Pepsi, dammit!

or, how katster had fun working out a pattern.

They've put in new Pepsi vending machines in front of the Rockridge Safeway, which is a block or so from where I live. Pretty nice machines in my estimation, here's roughly the way it looks like.

01 02 | 03 04
05 06 | 07 08
09 10 | 11 12

the coin dispenser and stuff runs where the pipes do in my rough drawing.

What's in each slot? Well, all of them are paired (two of each kind) except 03-04.

01-02, and 03 are regular pepsi.
04 is Vanilla pepsi
05-06 is Diet Pepsi
07-08 is Mountain Dew
09-10 is Dr. Pepper
11-12 is Sierra Mist.

Okay. So I push button #4 for my vanilla pepsi.

I get a diet. This is specifically what I did not ask for.

Curious if there was an off by two error, I hit #6, and get a Moutain Dew.

Nope. Onwards to Button #8. Dr. Pepper. Strange.

#10? Sierra Mist. Okay.

#2? Pepsi. Alright...

#11 on a random guess? Sierra Mist. Ah *ha*.

And I push #3, and get exactly what I wanted. Yeah, off by one error. %) But call it my obsession with patterns and the fact I really wanted a Vanilla Pepsi, and I now have six more bottles of Pepsi product in my fridge than what I'd planned on.

Well, at least there's not really a Pepsi product that I cannot stand in the bunch...


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