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BB: Final Project Idea...

(BB meaning Best Brains, a notation from alt.callahans.)

Anyway, it comes time for the scariest semester in my master's program. (*bum* *bum* *baaaaaah*)

Final Project Semester.

I'd love to make something that everybody would use, sorta like how Brad ended up with livejournal in general, or something remarkably simple like Friendster, but...I can't think of any cool ideas to work with. So if anybody can come up with anything that would be cool and worth the effort, and would work for this, could you please throw them out?

(Oh yeah, and my classwork. I've taken the standard SIMS core (covered here, except my 208 was one full class), a class on XML, a class on multimedia information systems (which I hated), a class on networking, a class on information policy, and a class on new product development. This semester, I don't know what else I'm taking, except that one of them will probably be an information strategy course, and I'm leaning towards either a database class or a user interface class this semester.

Help is appreciated.

[Oh yeah, and new icon. This is for academic related stuff (it's UCB's seal)]

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