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to do lists...

Things to do in the next little bit:
  1. Pull out the CSS book; try to digest enough to change Live from the Nuke Free Zone's colour scheme from utterly boring MT black on white default to something more interesting.
  2. Do some of that java stuff that has been plaguing me since my first semester of grad school to at least start making an attempt to get it done.
  3. Clean my apartment.
  4. Try desperately to come up with a final project idea; run around in circles when you cannot.
  5. Try not to ponder the nature of popularity and the fact that you'll never really have the personality type for it.
  6. Did I mention do java? And maybe XML too?
  7. Come up with a character for miggy's game. Maybe two.
  8. Run in circles, scream and shout.
  9. maybe bother to actually answer LJ comments...
  10. I said, do Java, right?
  11. Do five impossible things before breakfast.
  12. ...and I think that's about it. I mentioned the java, right?

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