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create your own visited states map
[That's Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, for the curious who might not be able to get a picture.]

And that doesn't included the layover stops at Cincinati-North Kentucky Airport (which I spent mostly in a panic over whether I'd make my connections...) and Boston-Logan Airport. And yeah, a good chunk of those Western States happened in one weekend, and we got out of the car in every state, so I'm counting 'em all -- the only states that weren't covered on that trip that I've been to are Washington and Arizona, but I went to Pac-10 football games in both states, so they count. :)

Anyway, if anybody wants to give any suggestions for where I should go next, I'm listening. Though Halifax takes some priority at the moment. (Gee I wonder why...)

Time for me to go to French class, so I'll be back later.

Colds suck.
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