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Random thoughts on the passing scene.

Two days worth of stuff to sum up and write about.

Went to UUFR on Sunday (for those who are acronym illiterate, that's the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redding). I found out, much to my surprise, that it's been around longer than I've been around, but in conservativeville, a liberal religion doesn't attract many followers. The biggest problem is, simply, that the youth are so caught up in what their parents believe that they don't/can't/won't think for themselves. And most folks who get out of Conservativeville don't come back. So the average age is about ~45-50.

And this bothers me for some reason, I'm trying to understand why. They're nice people, and they very willingly were helpful and nice, but...something wasn't quite right. Maybe it was being the youngest person in the room by about 7-8 yrs (until another Shasta College student showed up. We spent most of the aftermeeting time talking to each other). And that bothered me for some reason.

I'm not sure, but this group is very different than the one I attended in San Jose. Maybe city size has something to do with it, but this group feels very much like the debating society. Not that that's bad, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

I'll prolly go back next week and see what it's like when they don't have a guest speaker (next week is sharing week) And I'm debating, too, because I'll be picking up my belongings and leaving conservativeville again at the end of the year, and I don't want to give them the false hope that I'm gonna be there a long while to help with all their growth plans. But there's some part of me that desperately wants people my own age to bounce ideas off of. Don't ask me why.

So we'll play it by ear and see what happens, I guess.


I went to my dad's birthday party too. He's 44, now, I think. Or at least, he will be Wednesday, we celebrated his birthday on Sunday mainly so Mom could be there. Mom went back in the hospital today. I spent most of it asleep, not used to getting up that early on Sunday, and my head hurt like the dickens. Sinus infection. Again.


Finished Vacuum Diagrams. That is one amazing book. If I can produce just one sci-fi story that is as good as the worst story in that book, I will die a very happy katster. In other words, this is a firm buy recommendation.


I need to make a logo and start making the mySQL tables for Project Bookworm. Project Bookworm is my attempt to catalog the multitude of books I have.

Well, twenty minutes in Photoshop, and cool fontage, and I come up with something like I'm not much of a professional artist, or an artist in general., but I like that. That big font is called "Bookworm", btw, which is what gave me the idea to use it for that word. ;)

A friend said it should be sharper, I kinda like the fuzzy feeling to it. *shrug* Tell me what you think. Or not.

Update: Main page of Project Bookworm is at


Today was shaping up to be a bad day. See the incident below, and then I got to Excel and bluescreened Win2k, not once, but three times. And the printer refused to work for a while. And my Excel teacher was being a scatterbrain.

But Zibby saved the day. Thanks for making me laugh. :)


I think that's about it. More randomness to come, latah.

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