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French lesson.

Ceux Québécois damné sont partout! Ils sont comme des fourmis. Vous avez besoin d'un exterminator pour avoir affaire avec eux. C'est une bonne chose que les Etats-Unis ont Tom DeLay dans une position de puissance.

[Views expressed here are not the opinion of this author. Statement should not be taken as gospel. Speaking French is not a crime in this country, Mr. Ashcroft.]

Those damned Quebecois are everywhere! They are like ants. You need an exterminator to deal with them. It is a good thing the United States has Tom DeLay in a position of power.

(And a world where that statement is spoken in French would be Bizzaro World to us, I think.) :)

Okay, back to really doing schoolwork or something.
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