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Okay. don't panic.

Final Project Topics

The project should fall within one of the following general categories:

1. The design and implementation of an information system, product or service;
2. The analysis or design of a substantive information policy for a public or private organization;
3. The evaluation of an existing information system, product, or service;
4. A research project;

When you propose a Project to your project supervisor, be sure to describe your topic - including a description of how this project will be an integrative capstone of your MIMS coursework, and the qualifications of your team.

Final Project Evaluation

The final project is required for graduation with a MIMS degree. The evaluation of the final projects will include relevant elements from this checklist. If this checklist doesn't map well to your project, be sure to talk to your faculty supervisor about the criteria that will be used to evaluate your work.

1. Statement of a problem, motivation, or needs assessment;
2. A summary of prior work and/or literature in the field;
3. An analysis of goals, requirements, and objectives;
4. Constraints, or costs and benefits;
5. Analysis of existing systems, programs, and/or policies;
6. Design of a proposed system, program, and/or policies;
7. Minimally, an implementation plan, including detailed procedures, schedule, and resources; preferably a prototype implementation; and,
8. Evaluation: minimally, an evaluation plan, including methods, schedule, and resources, preferably a prototype evaluation.
9. Project management skills required in the execution of your project.

This checklist, or the subset or substitute criteria approved by your project supervisor, will be used in evaluating your project deliverables to certify that you have completed the project requirement.


1. A written report that covers the above elements; and,
2. A working prototype;
3. An oral presentation to the larger SIMS community.

The students and the faculty supervisor may define additional deliverables appropriate to the project.

First of all, grr, I wish I'd noticed the stuff on cardea before *now*. Two, "3. The evaluation of an existing information system, product, or service;" makes me sorta want to do an analysis of Livejournal. ;)

So I think I'll type up two totally different project request forms, one using the neighborhood idea (although I don't know if I'm going to incorporate GPS data into it or not) and one with the LJ idea. Wish me luck.

I need a "scared" icon

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