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it's that kind of morning...

I have a bad tendency to slip down the fire escape to get to the bus stop. It's quicker than going out the normal way and then walking around my building to get to the bus stop. Basically, the fire escape is a staircase down by the garage, and then steps cut into the side of the hill.

Anyway, I'm walking out of the gate at the bottom of the hill this morning when a yellow New Bug pulls out of the parking garage for the apartment complex across the street. Now, I like New Bugs, despite Luns' attempts to convert me to Ludditeness (Luns drives a '68 Kharmann Ghia, so...), so I'm checking out the car. That and it was bright yellow on a grey morning.

So the car pulls away, and I do a doubletake as the back of the car faces me, and I had to take a second to remember that yes, even though the last time I saw that kind of plate, I wasn't even in my country, let alone my state, I am currently in California. Dammit anyway, because if I'd been where I was the last time I saw that plate, I'd be able to hug a zibblsnrt.

Yeah, that yellow New Bug had Ol' Bluenose on its plate, and the Nova Scotians reading this prolly recognize said plate as the plate for their provience. :)

[New icon, btw, I call this one "chillin'."]

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