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*Impressive* thunderstorm

I noted Berkeley lost a net connection last night in the middle of our windowshaking thunderstorm. I didn't realize quite what happened though until I poked at the news page this morning:

BERKELEY – A lightning storm Wednesday night disrupted power to many campus services, including forcing a temporary shutdown of the main campus data center at Evans Hall.

Ligtning struck the PG&E transmission line supplying campus at 10:41 p.m., according to Michael Hayes, spokesman for Physical Plant-Campus Services. Power was restored shortly after midnight, and core computing systems were back online by 2:30 a.m., but some sporadic problems continued into Thursday morning, including resetting of alarm panels and circuit breakers tripped by the outage.

My favourite machine, death.ocf, is technically not on the grid and didn't lose power last night, but the routers on the rest of campus were down, so I couldn't get to it. Ah well. :)
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