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three, two, one years ago

three years ago, I first signed up for LJ.

Date created: 2001-02-26 23:54:16

two years ago:

We discovered today that Britney, our dog, has allergies. And she gets a runny nose and painful ears and gets lethargic too, just like people who suffer from allergies. So, she got an allergy shot, and got her ears cleaned out, and she's all better now. :) source
But anyway, that's the serious rationale here. The funny thing was this. As I came home today, I was listening to the radio, and one of Aanestad's political commercials came on. Here's what it said:

"And Aanestad knows the value of those rural hospitals if the north state is ever hit by a bioterrorist attack..."

...and I'm like, wtf! The odds of the North State getting hit by a bioterrorist attack are just slightly higher than, say, the tundra in Alaska getting hit by a bioterrorist attack.

one year ago

The tower in the picture is the Campanille, and the music I am about to share with you came from the carillion in this tower. It was recorded by the Berkeley Historical Society in 2001-2002.source

You know, instead of being just a Television Neighbour, I wanted to be his neighbour on the show. source

i'm doing so well. I actually read this time and I did one point better than a test where I misread one chapter. I can only pray that networking will save me.source

And today?

I think I have the stomach flu.

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