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Seven Deadly SIMS

So we played softball again last night. I went 1-3 with a single up the middle. Unfortunately, I was forced out at second the only time I got on base. And SIMS lost a defensive battle by a score of 6-1, which puts us at 1-1 in the league.

I really like the infield we have. We have a third baseman who can *make the throw to first*. We have a wonderful shortstop, who knows when she has to cover second, and covers a lot of ground (and is a girl, so outs hit to her mean that it's two outs -- screwy league rules.) Our second baseman is good at covering the territory the first baseman can't cover, and also knows when he has to cover second. And the first baseman can catch anything thrown to her that's within reach, and since the first baseman is tall and has a long armspan, that's a good thing. (Yours truly is the first baseman.)

There was a great play last night. SIMS had the field, and the batter hit a droopy grounder to the pitcher. So he's dashing down the first base line, and the pitcher makes a horrible mistake. After fielding the ball, he flung it at the first baseman underhanded. The runner is getting closer and closer to the bag, and the ball is going to end up in the runner's path. What does the first baseman do? Well, if the first baseman was me, you stick your glove where the runner is going to run into it, and hope you hang onto the ball. *boom*

The first baseman hangs onto the ball, and the runner is out. I'm not sure if that would be a tagout or a forceout. ;)

Anyway, I should probably pay attention in IT Strategy. A more detailed post later.

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