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to keep myself straight, the next few days:

French Lab 3.3 due
French Worksheets 3.4 due
Call with Patrick

Tomorrow (march 12)
French Composition due
French Midterm Review Sheet due?
First draft of French Presentation (le geographie du Quebec) finished
Meeting with Presentation group
Dinner with Luns?

Saturday, March 13
Midterm Review Session, Moffitt Library, 1 PM
See if I can move dinner with Luns to here

Sunday, March 14
homework day?

Monday, March 15
French Lab 3.4 Due (turn into teacher's box)
French ORAL midterm *gasp*
Softball, 9 PM, CKC

Tuesday, March 16
French written midterm
PayPal Case Study Draft finished
See Prof after class for IT Strategy
IT Strategy Group meeting

Wednesday, March 17
Meet with Ray. Might need to do this TTh

Thursday, March 18
Database assignment due
Oral Presentation in French
PayPal Strategy Assignment due.
Tentative: Dinner with aris_tgd

Friday, March 19
Go to French class?

Saturday, March 20
Begin Spring Break, I think (Yep, checked the UC calendar)

If anybody else has anything they want to add to this (zibblsnrt, I'm talking to *you*), please let me know now. Otherwise, please understand that I am under a lot of stress and this wouldn't really be a good time to annoy or bother me, because I am a lot less tolerant than usual.

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