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That name meme...

If you call me Katrina, you're probably my family or knew me before I went to college.

If you call me Kat, you've probably met me in real life or otherwise enough to know that's my preferred name.

If you call me katster, you know me from the Redding BBS community circa 1995-1996 or in other venues online.

If you call me Kats, you're probably part of the contengent on #spork.

If you call me Katze, I kindly remind you that I'm not my character.

If you call me Sissy, you're jillcaligirl and you know I hate that name.

If you call me gherkta or use the possessive "my" in front of my name, you're zibblsnrt and I love you.

If you call me katling, you're kuangning :)

If you call me Ms. Templeton, you're a store clerk or a telemarketer and I don't want any.

If you call me "hey you", you don't know me. :)
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