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going nuts in a good way...

I have been existing in two different planes.

One is my normal utterly mundane life, where I am simply Kat, a graduate student who's slacking more than she ought to be on her final project I go through, I live, I wander the streets of the short, it's mundane katster.

But these days I've been afflicted by a strange sort of double vision, getting swept into odd tangents, listening to my character whisper odd thoughts to me, and sometimes even just slightly checking out of the plane I'm in long enough for people to notice because I'm caught up in the world of the story that's taking place in my head. It also makes me doubletake at seemingly mundane events that I knew were happening, like Sproul being blocked off for reconstruction...just as I'd spend five days in writerspace on the plaza working out the angles of how a story involving that ground should take place.

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, it's just the part of my brain that has always been a writer has been AWOL for so long that I despaired ever getting it back, and of course it's right when there's other stuff I should be doing.

I can't win. %) But 60k of text in five days makes me rather happy, even if it isn't what I *should* be doing. :)

Ah well, c'est la vie. :)

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