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just another evening with Luns and Kat...

So. I've been having fan noise troubles with Macavity. I've been intending to ship it back to IBM to get them to fix it, but Macavity is also my main machine and I didn't want to part with it. So Luns, who knows something about how to fix things, and noting I'd bee complaining about noise on Prufrock, my other computer, decided tonight would be a good night to oil the bearings in the fans to see if we can get them to quiet down.

Of course, Macavity has been my computer for a year and a half now, and I'm not kind to things I own. The fact Macavity has held up against the abuse I've thrown at it makes me that much more likely to buy IBM when it comes time to buy a new computer. So Luns and I dissassemble it, pulling all the pieces out of the computer, and he hands me the chassis and tells me to vacuum out all the dirt I've accumulated in there.

the chassis basically sitll contains the system board and the CPU, so I try to do both a careful and thorough vacuum of the interior of the computer while Luns is attempting to oil the fan (which doesn't happen due to some funkiness with fan, but I digress). Anyway, I find the remnants of Macavity's root beer bath it got in the first week of existence on the back side of the keyboard mount, and a few other things, and the inside is much less dusty. So we put it back together and boot.

The power light comes on, but the screen doesn't.

Oh *shit*.

So I'm angry for two reasons. I know hibernating saves the state to disk, and I think I had a couple unsaved text files on there, and of course, we've cycled power. So we pull Macavity apart again, checking all the connectors as we put it back together, and we still get the same error. Fuck. At this point, we're not sure if my touching the CPU when we had the heatsink off might have killed it. (CPU in macavity is *tiny*, btw). And I'm starting to panic over this because Macavity has all my stuff on it.

There was about ten minutes where Luns' life was near forfeit for coming up with the idea to oil the fan in the first place. ;) Then Luns got the idea to pull everything out and see what error code we got on going live. So we got the code for no memory. Put the DIMM back in, and we're back to the powerlight lighting up but nothing else. And the diagnostic manual says that's a problem with the system board. Shiiiiiiiiit.

At this point, Luns is kicking himself because he really should have supervised my vacuuming, and I'm pondering how to tell IBM that I'd busted the machine because of overzealous vacuuming.

So I yell at Macavity, "I was just trying to be nice and make up for some of the abuse I give you!" And then I'm about to make a note to call IBM when I say to Luns, "Let's try booting one more time with everything in place just to see what happens?"

And I'll be damned if Macavity didn't come right up. Not only that, but it restored from hibernation. And the fan is much more quiet now.

Augh, computers. Can't live with 'em, can't live without them. :)

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