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gah, usenet is small

so I've been, in my copious spare time, been doing some writing for the jihad. (Not Osama's, this one's a long running net.joke with the goal of killing Barney -- yeah, we still exist).

Now I found out much to my surprise sometime in the last year that somebody I'd met through other channels was part of the intrepid band of folks that hung around alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die once upon a time, and that was rather a shock, but not as amusing as the one I just got. I wandered over to a page to get some information for said writing project I'm working on, and in stumbling around, came upon a link that read "Calliope's anti-Barney archive". I know somebody that uses that as an alias, and seeing that the page linked through to, which is where said friend went to school, I got curious.

So I clicked through and clicked up, and sure enough, it's my friend. ;) Whom I didn't ever know had any involvement with the jihad, y'see, I knew her from Usenet is an awfully small place.

I am too easily amused. ;)

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