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the day that wasn't.

it was a day that I'd prefer not to remember.

I have two pages in my notebook about the details of the next few months for my family, in particular my mother, as told by her doctor at UCSF. At some point, I'll summarize those notes into something coherent for all of you who are asking about her. But here's the short of it.

We're entering a treatment that has a 70% cure rate. The doc even said, "We're starting to get 20-year survivors from this treatment." So that's encouraging. However, if the leukemia comes back at any point, there's probably not much left that the doctors can do, and that'll be game over. Which the pessimistic part of me is taking rather hard, despite the assurance of the numbers and my own personal Pangloss. ;)

Otherwise, it was a pretty fucking miserable day. Short on sleep, herding relatives through the public transit system, trying to edit a paper on lack of sleep, all of it was quite a mess, and I don't know why I'm awake now, when I have to be up at six. So I probably ought to go to bed, even though nobody's told me if we need an executive summary or not. I'll probably be napping after classes tomorrow, if I don't fall asleep in Ray's class. (Although, actually, I never told Ray they moved the meeting to today...hmmm, I could skip class to hibernate...we'll see.)

anyway, katster to bed. Tomorrow has to be brighter. it does.

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