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city by the bay...

So yeah. Friday, I went to San Francisco. First, I got a couple maps of SF for my project. Then I went out to Divisadero, to Gamescape, which is, in my opinion, the best freaking game store in the Bay Area. (Granted, I've not seen many.) There, I got the IN GMG and lots of dice -- roman numeral d6s, chinese number d6s, wooden d6s, California d6s, those dice in dice (both d6 and d10) and glow in the dark d6s. I love dice. I need to find a game to get into so I can use some of these.

And when I got home, I found a letter in my mailbox that read "as long as you pass your exams (i.e., project) you're good to graduate."

Friday night, I talked to zibblsnrt briefly, and then Luns invited me out for something. I'll tell you more when I get the pictures from him, but for the IN fans in the crowd, what we did would have made Haagenti proud. Then we spent a couple hours burning off the sugar high.

This morning, I wrote a bit of randomness (which isn't going to make any sense if you're not familiar with the The Jihad to Destroy Barney, as Katze's my character there--although it might not make any sense anyway, it's me being utterly random), and otherwise bummed around my apartment.

Tonight, I had convos with zibblsnrt and mrfnord, which were both fun, and I took a sharpie marker and did this to one of the transit maps I bought on Friday:

And now I'm going to bed, so I can put my database together tomorrow.

Night, LJ world

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