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Things I've learned in the last few days.

  • The true meaning of "out of the blue".
  • How short and fragile life is.
  • How well humanity unites in a tragedy.
  • How difficult it is to express how one feels about a tragedy
  • The physics of large skyscrapers.
  • A new understanding of hate.
  • A new understanding of love.
  • How affirming it can be to hang your country's flag.
  • Why missing a plane may be a good thing.
  • The realization that I'll never have that bird's eye view of New York.
  • How powerful the Star Spangeled Banner is as a song.
  • Fear and sorrow.
  • Hope and joy.
  • That I am not an island, I am part of an interconnected web of people.
  • What it truly means to be a citizen of the United States, and a citizen of the world.
  • How dumb some of my countrymen are.
  • There is truly evil in the world.
  • How important my friends are to me.
  • How fast a piece of paper burns.
  • Luck.
  • The true understanding of the term "discontinuity"
  • The difference a minute makes.
  • How to get a bunny out from behind a refrigerator
  • That maybe my dumbass president isn't completely a dumbass.
  • Sympathy for Ted Olson, and everybody else who lost family and friends in the mess.
  • That the best word for this attack is "planeing"
  • The world and time stop for no man.
  • This is an unsafe world.
  • Parachutes should be mandatory in all large buildings.
  • Taking a nonstop flight across the country is a risky proposition.
  • I'm glad I haven't learned how to think of people as statistics.
  • My puppydog loves me a lot.
  • How tempting it is to draw planes crashing into buildings on a math test covering planes and vectors.
  • How difficult it is to take a math test under those conditions.
  • Hope that my government can do the right thing.
  • Jerry Falwell is an idiot, and Pat Robertson isn't far behind.
  • Even Republicans are capable of doing the right thing.
  • How difficult it is to keep faith in a higher power in such a horrific act.
  • Gallows humour can be a good thing.
  • Sometimes superfluous u's are okay.
  • There is such a thing as too much news.
  • Writing something like the front page of can be a wrenching and yet important experience.

And that's just a small sampling of what I've learned.

God bless America!
E pluribus unum.
Thank you, world!
(and thank you Zibby and Aio and ari and everybody else...)


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