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the final todo list.

Okay. Things left to do on the project before I can say done, in no particular order:

  • PHP needs to be written so people can add pictures and comments.
  • PHP needs to be written so people can report bad pictures/comments.
  • The front page needs to be rewritten.
  • A better default picture needs to be found (rockridge.jpg, which isn't even in SF, won't cut it. I think I have a shot of Embarcadero that'll work, though.) ...and changed out.
  • The future of the project needs to be written.
  • A way to contact the admin (i.e me) needs to be written.
  • It would be a good thing if all fourteen neighborhoods got descriptions, but those can be snuck in the db after the project is "finished" if need be.
  • Need to produce a report on the database for my database class
  • Need to produce powerpoint slides for my database class.
  • Need to produce powerpoint slides for my talk on Wednesday about the project.
  • Do I need to make a final report on the project? Check this. ...emailed phil, waiting for an answer

As these are finished, I'll cross them off. I have a hard deadline of Tuesday 4 PM for most of this. The class stuff is due at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, so that'll be high on the priority list tomorrow, although powerpoint slides are probably going to be fairly easy to put together. But two more days mostly glued to this chair, and then I'm done.

Well, except for completing 255. But that's something completely different!

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