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section of my final report...

which made it in on time. ph33rag3.

But I wanted to share this one with y'all.

I have not really been a happy student at SIMS. My interests did not really align themselves with the faculty, and my depression issues compounded the problems by making me even more taciturn and withdrawn than I usually am. That and I feel as if I’d managed to burn a lot of bridges here because of the depression issues.

However, I learned this semester that even when the chips are down and everything looks bleak and hopeless, I can still do some quite amazing things. This project serves as a reminder that I am capable of doing difficult things, and I have found that the work that I have thrown into this project has become its own reward, and that I have come to like doing this sort of thing more than I expected.

I mentioned in my database report that I looked forward to returning to an old database project I had started long before I came to SIMS. Now I have a much better idea of how to implement that idea, and I look forward to making the attempt. It is something I never really imagined that I would be working on again, but now the idea is starting to seem somewhat attractive. This makes me pleased. Since it is directly because of the work I put in on the final project that I wish to return to this old project, I figured it was worth noting.

This semester, metaphorically, has been the semester of the phoenix for me. When things looked bleak and hopeless and I was mired in the pits of depression, I never believed I would be sitting here typing my final report and making graduation. In all areas of my life, spring has seemed to bring a rebirth, and nowhere is that more reflected than in this project.

I think I have done something of which I rightly ought to be proud. And that feels good.

As for the fact that I'm done, 'cept a presentation, I sorta feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find I still have to do it, that I've dreamt all this.

My thanks to jrenken for frantically coding the last bit of php the project needed, and mrfnord, whose logo design got compliments from a lot of my fellow students, and to all the rest of y'all who kept me sane this last week.

I...I will finish my dinner, talk briefly to zibblsnrt and then g'bed.

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