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Aragorn, Randall J. 16483204 Masters
Bear, Oski T. 99999999 freshman
Brenner, Katze Janice 12579136 Ph.D
Carmichael, Jason Edward 10432563 Alum
Delgado, Miranda Pilar 11326459 Alum
Harrington, Tobias Gregory 15156739 Sophomore
Schnider, Joshua Ryan 12556378 Senior
Templeton, Katrina Anne 12351422 Masters
Wu, Gregory 12493025 Junior
Wu, Helen Marie 11232845 Senior

(my student ID is rather messed up, so that won't get you anywhere.) ;)

Anyway, yeah, I got my own class of students sorting by name. :) I'm rather proud. ;)

Bonus points for those who know why I entered most of the names I did. :)

Anyway, assignment 6 done, assignment 7 almost done, assignment 8 has code that I can file off the serial numbers to (although I'll try by myself first) and assignment 9 is just trying to talk the SQL database and the java into talking to one another. I'll probably reuse this wild gang for that project.)

yay. just a bit over two assignments between me and a degree.

katster out.

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