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random flotsam and jetsam from katster...

Went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with jillcaligirl today. Had lots of fun, though I want to see it again when I'm not cricking my neck upward at the screen. (Due to snafus with busses on my end, I missed the early train out to Davis and arrived about twenty minutes before the movie started, so we had to sit dead center in the second row.) PoA is my favourite of the Harry Potter books (I love the Lupin subplot), and the movie seemed to me to be a very nice translation to it in a different medium. The problem is, it also reignited my urge to make movies. Damn it all anyway. ;)

Hmm, lesse. Going to Redding on Wednesday to take Autumn to the vet for the last time. That's going to suck. That and it'll be a quick turnaround, pretty much, just long enough to deal with this, and then back here to try to find a job.

Right. I'm looking for a job in the bay area. The problem is, I'm not quite sure how to describe what I do. ;) I can do web applications, I know some PHP coding, but I don't want to be doing web design all my life. I've got a shiny new Masters degree from Cal, in Information Management, but so far the best job I've managed to come up with is joining the Peace Corps (which, while it would be nice, would amount to spending three years in Mexico. This would make my mother go ballistic, and I'm not sure I want to commit three years right now...three years ago, I might have, but now is different.)...anybody got any hints?

And lastly, Luns and I are going to the Giants/Jays game a week from Tuesday. That's going to be a lot of fun, considering Luns grew up in Toronto. I need to make sure to pack both my glove and my computer. ;) (It's a long complicated story.)

I desperately need to find a new project, since the ones I come up have trouble by getting done right fast.

And that's about it with the state of the katster at the moment. Unless there's anything else y'all wanna know.

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