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Mrs. O'Malley's Roses...

trying to work on a small anti-censorship song. It was started in the wake of the Clearchannel debacle (which has turned out to be an urban legend), but I've decided to keep up with it, 'cause it's hilariously funny. The title comes from an old joke in English class about writing and making it interesting. I made a wiseass comment about how you could write about Mrs. O'Malley's roses, but nobody would read it. This is the chorus I'm playing with at the moment.

Guess I'm gonna haveta sing about Mrs. O'Malley's roses,
Guess I'm gonna haveta tell you just how fast they grow
There's a lot of evil in this messed up world
I could tell you things that would make your hair curl
But I guess I can't sing about that, not anymore...

We'll see what becomes of it.


I finished the program for assembler. Need to do some small things tomorrow to fix it up, so I'm gonna go to sleep now.


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