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Having a fun time.

Trivia question: In the Leaky Cauldron scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is a wizard reading a book and stirring his tea. What book is he reading?

(Yes. aris_tgd and I made the trip out to Dublin (that's in California) to see Harry Potter on the IMAX screen out there. It was *way* cool. And we were the first ones in the theatre, so we got our choice of seats. And the plastic things they use to cover landscaping water pipe controls are *purple* in Dublin. This trivia fact might just pop up in jbay.)

It was a lot of fun.

[and yes, the Snape icon is appropriate for this post, it's about Harry Potter]

[EDIT: midnight. The answer is in comments, so don't peek if you still want to guess.]

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