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o/~ day after day, alone on the hill o/~

*blows dust off*

Well, I've not updated in a long time. Has anybody missed me?

I've been caught in a funk, between everything going on here, and just not feeling much in the way of enthusiasm for writing at all. My parents are being random and caprecious, my sister keeps randomly bugging me, and the other little things of a life keep getting in the way. All of it has gummed up the writing works pretty damned good, whether it be ju3, some random little stories I'm writing on, or just even keeping you all updated here. It seems as if nobody reads this damned thing anyway, because I've been deathly quiet for a near month, and while I see a good chunk of folks on IRC, it's ... well, I guess failing to update is an out of sight, out of mind problem. So it's in some ways my fault for not even trying to update.

So what's been up with me? Well, I, in my absolute boredom, started another semester of classes. I'm taking linguistics, computer security, and local history. All three of which are fascinating. I took linguistics to get a better understanding of conlanging, so that I might be able to finally come up with the local language in my fantasy land. Computer security has a *great* teacher, and my group is going to play with wireless cameras. That is *really* fuggin' cool. And in my local history class, I'm going to see what I can dig up on major fires in the area. I'm really rather interested in wildfires, but I might investigate some of the other fires as well. Which reminds me, I need to call CDF and see if they can help me out with this project.

GURPS 4e showed up in the mail the other day, and while I've not had the time to properly absorb it yet, I have flipped through the book and read some of it. (I have Characters, but not Campaigns yet, I'll be ordering the latter on Wednesday.) I checked the schedule and see they've slipped Fantasy, Magic, and Infinite Worlds back a month each, which is sorta grumblistic, I've been waiting patiently for 4e Magic, and now I have to wait until after I'm 26 to see it, damn it all anyway. ;)

...grumblistic. Okay, making up new words on the fly is fun.

Anyway, other than that, I'm up to the usual. That is, no good.

Anything else y'wanna know? Just ask. I declare the comments section open for business.
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