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Cal football again.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
9/4@Air Force56 14 5614
9/11New Mexico State41149728
9/16@Southern Miss
10/2@Oregon State
11/20107th Big Game v. Stanford
Cal Wins2Cal Total Score97
Cal Losses0Opp. Total Score28
Cal Avg Pts/game48.5Opp. Avg Pts/game14

Cal had the home opener today. They were #12 going into this game, and got started early. Despite an extra point mishap, and two fumbles in the first half, the Bears still went into the locker room at the half leading 27-7, and would end with NMSU only scoring seven more points in garbage time. So now the Bears are 2-0, and might enter the top ten for the first time since 1991. Next up, the trip to Vicksburg, Mississippi on Thursday, where the Bears begin their four week hell march -- Thursday night at Southern Miss, then a bye, then @Oregon State and @USC on consecutive weekends. If we're 3-2 at the end of that, I'll be happy, 4-1 and I'll be estatic, and if we go 5-0, you'll have to get out the smelling salts, because that just doesn't happen to the Bears. ;) But first up, SoMiss, who just beat Nebraska at Nebraska. And while this Nebraska team isn't your ordinary Nebraska team, folks just don't waltz into Lincoln and win.

But we'll see. I think my Bears will make a game of it. And I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride for as long as I can. :)

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