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more with the katster...

Cal won, but you know that if you peeked in my other journal entry. Hoping when the polls get released, that we'll be in the top ten, but on the other hand, I'm just enjoying the ride.

Tomorrow, Jill (jillcaligirl) gets confirmed, so I'm going to church with her despite practicing that Unitarian heresy. ;) I've been ruminating on religious thoughts, centering around the quote from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe about Aslan. "He is not a tame lion." It dawns on me that this is what I want in a religious deity, one that challenges my faith, that is greater than I am, that cannot, no matter how hard I try, be contained in boxes, metaphorical or otherwise. Not a tame lion, indeed.

Tomorrow is also Dad's birthday, and we bought him an ice cream maker. It cost thirteen and change, though it's a long and funny story how Jill and I got it down to that. Jill's got better credit than I do, that's all it comes down to. :)

Oh yeah, and Mom will prolly be home tomorrow. Prolly what we were seeing is an odd combo of something that happens sixty days out for a chemo patient and a bit of an infection. Fig (one of mom's cancer docs, really Dr. Figeroa, but we all call him Fig) explained that the reason we need to jump on infections and stuff is because Mom's immune system looks much like the immune system of somebody with full blown AIDS, thanks to the transplant. It'll be November/December before we're really out of the danger zone. But it makes sense, some of the crap going on.

[*blink* *blink* looks like I didn't send this last night before bed. Oh well, I'll send it now.]

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