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Cal football fandom

I was kinda stunned after last week's loss to #1 USC, but we didn't slip much in the polls and we came out strong against UCLA, so it's all good. Now I'm in the odd position of debating if I want USC to win out or not, because I want Cal in the Rose Bowl. I want to play Wisconsin or Purdue or Michigan or whoever the Big 10's best is. I just want to finally put the "longest time since attending the Rose Bowl" behind us, I want people to stop saying that the last time Cal went to a Rose Bowl was in 1959.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
9/4@Air Force56 14 5614
9/11New Mexico State41149728
9/16@Southern MissPostponed, Hurricane Ivan (story)
10/2@Oregon State497 14635
10/9@USC1723 16358
10/16UCLA4528 20886
11/20107th Big Game v. Stanford
12/4@Southern Miss (rescheduled)
Cal Wins4Cal Total Score208
Cal Losses1Opp. Total Score86
Cal Avg Pts/game41.6Opp. Avg Pts/game17.2

Five games down, six to go. Off to the desert to play Arizona, a hapless team which looks like they're going to bite somebody. Hopefully it's not us.

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