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notes from the atrocities.

So...I'm sitting out on the patio of my house. The sky is clouded over, the wind is poking around, there's a distinct chill in the air -- all of which points to actual real First Rain, the beginning of the rainy season. It is becoming more and more evident that it is Autumn, the first one spent without the kitty named for the season, but Autumn nonetheless.

I'm sitting out on the porch, wondering if the cool air and the change of scenery will help with posting. I've got a window up entitiled "katster digs her fingers in the plot looking for soft spots" and so that's what I'm going to do for the next hour or so. Hopefully I can come to some conclusions in my junk.

I need to get my mix CDs out, but the one I did for rosefox's Frankenstein groups is out. So far out of that group, I've only got buttler's, but hopefully that'll change soon. The planning for the #spork one is still ongoing as I juggle a half dozen other things too. Out of the spork gang, I've got Mal's, Will's, and Cal's in the mail, and keeb, aio, and Aris have all posted theirs on the web for our enjoyment. That leaves Sev and me for mailing them, and Zibb and Shad for putting them on the web. And while I'm working on the document tonight, I'm listening to Mal's other CD he stuck in for me. Well, being my usual obsessive self and playing one song over and over and over and over... ;) (Okay, I'm switching back and forth between three and four of them, but...)

Letting things muse, that's probably the thing for the night. Figuring out how I want to write certain messy scenes. I'll figure it out. One of these days. :)

And someday, I'm going to get that friends list meme done too. I need to check it, though. Some of it is going to be hard. We'll figure it out later.

But for one brief shining moment, it's all going mostly well. That's a good thing.

[I need a content icon. Whee...]

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