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This amuses me to no end.

Okay, when I'm not tearing up the keyboard here or at the Nuke Free Zone, I'm hanging out over on Usenet with the nuts in (google groups link), the place on usenet that I have called home the longest. Yes, even longer than alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die (google groups link), which I know a lot of my friends that hang around LJ know I've been hanging around in for a very long time. (Actually, I subscribed to both groups at the same time, I just got up the guts to talk in ascp-10 before I did in ab4d.)

Anyway, over in ascp-10, one of the guys has been running a "predict the score" contest for all the games the Pac-10 is involved in. And it's been nearly the whole season, but if you'll look over on the website where he's tabulating the scores, you'll find that, much to my surprise, I won this week.

So yeah, I am chief prognosticator until I'm called upon to use my SWAG technique again next week. (That stands for Sophisticated Wild-Ass Guessing, btw.)
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