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And this fscking miserable day continues...

The next few weeks in terms of my school schedule:

9/27 -- Final exam in Win 2k Pro
9/28 -- Quiz in Powerpoint
10/1 -- First Exam in Assembler
10/3 -- Second Math Exam; Program #2 due in Assembler
~week that nothing much is planned, but knowing my evil teachers...
10/15 -- Class presentation in psychology.
10/15 -- Yay, last day of Excel class hell!

Today has been utterly miserable. I stayed awake in math today, which was good, but that's about the only good thing about this day. And somewhere in this mess, I have to schedule my GRE exam, which means a lot more to me than any of my exams. This would have been hell before, now it's pretty much unbearable with the outside moodswingyness.

I get to psych class, thinking I'm actually prepared. Sometime in the mess that was this weekend, I actually managed to read my psychology book. And then, after I'd keyed definitions on terms (expecting a sort of quiz where she gave us the coping strategy, and we gave her the definition), she turned the tables on us and gave us a bunch of situations, and we're supposed to tell her which coping strategy it is. Argh! And then, as she's going out the door, she lets us know that some of them are supposed to be normal. Of course, with my crappy hearing, I didn't hear her, and so I miss four questions on the test because that was the answer. :P

*sigh* she says we get points for trying. I hope so, I've very rarely been that frustrated with a test or quiz in my life. :P

And in the assembler watch, we got the first program back. I got a 22/25, but that's because Doug misplaced my printout of my console, and I didn't realize he wanted both a header and a prompt. But when he finds my printout, I'll be at a 24/25, and that puts me at a 70/75. Still an A. Hopefully, I can stay in A range on my test and next program, which will at the lowest 183/200, with a third of the points in. Hopefully good things will happen. We'll see. This weekend is going to be a disaster, though, unless I get my act together.

Now, I guess I'd better pay attention, I just noticed that my note taker is not present, nor is her fiancee. I wonder what happened.



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