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Cal football fandom

So, it looks like Stanford is fired football head coach Buddy Teevens. And while my Stanford friends are probably deliriously happy about this turn of news, as I was when Holmoe finally got the axe, I can't help but think the Teevens era was good for Cal in general. Y'guys ought to have kept him one more year. ;)

My favourite quote over the whole thing is Ray Ratto's take on the difference between Cal and Stanford.

This can be explained in part due to Stanford's strident willingness to pay its head coach less than any other Pac-10 coach, all in the name of "keeping football in its proper perspective." Willingham took them to a Rose Bowl and barely made $700,000; Tedford may get Cal there and the alums are trying to see if he'll take Piedmont, Moraga and the tunnel that connects the two towns as a down payment.

As I said, says it all. :)

Anyway, I should update the schedule, and note that if all goes well, and we beat Southern Miss on Saturday, we are all but guaranteed a BCS bid. If USC beats archrival UCLA on the same day, Cal gets to go to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 46 years. It's not Chicago Cubs levels of futility, but Cal fans know what the word "long-suffering" means. Anyway, since we're 9-1 and guaranteed some sort of bowl game even if we lose, I've added that to the chart. The bowl game, is of course, TBD. We could end up three possible places, depending on how we do, how USC does, and how the BCS polls shake out. We could go to the Rose and play Michigan; we could go to the Fiesta and play Utah, Pittsburgh, Miami, or Virginia Tech (that last one has interesting implications given that it was our win over them in the Insight Bowl last year that lead to this dream season); or we could go to the Holiday and play the third-place Big 12 team, likely Texas A&M.

We'll see. In the meantime... GO BEARS! BEAT THE GOLDEN EAGLES!

DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
9/4@Air Force56 14 5614
9/11New Mexico State41149728
9/16@Southern MissPostponed, Hurricane Ivan (story)
10/2@Oregon State497 14635
10/9@USC1723 16358
10/16UCLA4528 20886
10/23@Arizona380 24686
10/30ASU270 27386
11/6Oregon2827 301113
11/13@Washington4212 343125
11/20107th Big Game v. Stanford416 384131
12/4@Southern Miss (rescheduled)
TBDBowl Game
Cal Wins9Cal Total Score384
Cal Losses1Opp. Total Score131
Cal Avg Pts/game38.4Opp. Avg Pts/game13.1

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