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weird dreams.

"This board has five processors!"
"This board isn't even organic!"
*deadly tone* "Don't you want to use something else?"
"No, I think I like that one."
*calls down the lightning, fries board* "Let's see you do your homework with a fried computer."

Crazy Bmovie-esque dream, in which some entity that never was really clearly defined (at first it was bees, and later, it moved to AI, it was kinda not making sense) took over the world, and nuked people who tried to use satellites for things. Seriously, you'd make a call on your cellphone and then pitch it as far from you as you could before it exploded. And there was an overly paranoid book that predicted what was about to happen, and then it did.

And there was some harassment of the twin characters, who were named after a set of twins I knew when I was in HS. "Hey..." *long pause* "You know, I was about to make a joke that 'Well, at least you don't look like Abby," but I can't tell if you're Beth or not."

It was all really odd. But I continue to dream in plotlines.

And tomorrow night, I don't think I'll stay up until 3 AM playing NCAA Football 2004 and Mario Kart. 'Cause I'm dead tired today.

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