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Honorable Republicans

There is a legend that there are x honorable men (I've seen different totals for the value of x, but usually 8, 12, or 36) on the planet, and it is that x amount that keeps God from destroying the world for our wickedness.

I see it a little differently. God's looking for honest Republicans.

And in Washington State, there's one, by God. His name is Sam Reed, and he's their Secretary of State. And he certified the results of this last hand count that gave Democrat Christine Gregoire the win over Republican Dino Rossi, even though his party demanded that he not do that. And he said on the matter:

"There are people who think I should be using the position of secretary of state simply to weigh the scales on the side of my own party. I just don't accept that, and it would not be proper," he said.

"There are some people who have been dismayed that I wasn't a Katherine Harris who took the position, 'I'm a Republican, and by God that comes first.' "

God bless you, Mr. Reed.

(Oh yeah, if you haven't, Orcinus is a wonderful blog -- well, wonderful in that it's well-written, but Dave Neiwert, the main writer there, isn't afraid to take on scary topics. Really. Go. Read. Now.)
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