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picking through the flotsam and jetsam

So it's frickin' cold in Redding at the moment, in the mid thirties (less than five degrees C for my Canadian and otherwise foreign friends who think in that Celsius system). Earlier today, the sky was trying to spit snow, but now it's clear as a bell. I wonder if it can get down in the twenties before the next storm comes in, but it's doubtful, 'cause the wind's stirring up the atmosphere, and it only usually gets diehard cold when it's sunny for days on end.

So I'm hoping for snow, 'cause it's rare enough around these parts that it still enchants me. Yeah, I ought to move to Colorado or Canada or something.


So, if all goes well, I'm going to spend a few days not in the company of my parents or my sister. My mom's got a doctor's appointment in San Francisco, and then I may or may not have talked Luns into letting me stay at his place for a few days. That'll be good if I have, I need a vacation. Or something.


2004 in review, a meme:

Hi, it's 2004 and I'm back. Well, that could have ended much much worse. i'm here. So, I've been having fan noise troubles with Macavity. Friday, I went to San Francisco. before I sleep, I'd like to point out that has gotten a facelift. off to the beach for the Fourth. While I'm thinking about it...Happy birthday, jillcaligirl, my little sister. why did i ever think coming home was a good idea? So I got my official confirmation today. I have the very important job of First Time Clerk at Lassen View Elementary. Voting on the Edge, Part #1 or katster appeals to everybody to be excellent to one another. So, who's the crazy commenters who have commented the most in this here journal?

So it doesn't make much sense like that, but it isn't a bad encapsulation of the year that was. Now, I need to go close out the books on the year with one more thing. (BTW, the meme is the first sentence of the first post in every month. Except October, where I decided to provide some context, or I have a bad habit of leading off with "So" or "Yeah" or something like that, and I dropped those. But that's roughly what they are.


Gonna try to keep a bookworm log, mebbe. We'll see how difficult it gets. So far, I've read Jennifer Government by Max Barry, which I rather liked, even if I wouldn't want to live in that world (yeah, this is the book Max made NationStates to promote) and, dragging out the stash of books I loved as a kid, Fudge-A-Mania by Judy Blume (which is a sequel to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing). So that's two. Let's see what else there is. At the rate I'm going, the next one is going to be an RP book. (Speaking of which, I have *four* shiny GURPS 4e books, and the only one I've mostly read is Characters. I will have to fix that sometime soon.)


One of these days, I ought to do a who's who around this journal. So y'know how some folks are connected to me, because I seem to be the connection between three very disparate groups (the Jihaddi and associated members from #spork, the Improers, and the Callahanians) as well as the random folks I've picked up here and there. And it's probably best to deliniate who some of these people are. But that's a subject that's big enough for a whole entire post by itself. So, if you're curious how somebody fits in, here's your chance to ask. :)


I was bored enough to set up an account on GreatestJournal, although I don't plan to bail to it unless things get really bad. But I am katster over there as well. Blame zibblsnrt for talking me into it.

That and I might use my Movable Type install to do a bloggish thing on my website too. If only Zempt worked better, I'd use it.


And I think that's enough flotsam for the moment.

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