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augh, crazy dreams.

Crazy dream, in which my head seems to have confused nickm and loopychew, 'cause it was an aircraft carrier and I was a reporter, who got credentials to hang out on the aircraft carrier because I knew an enlisted man, who happened to be the latter of those two people, even though it's the former who does the job IRL. Anyway, this aircraft carrier was special, because it was kinda like a Winnebago that could fly.

I never accused my head of being *rational*, y'know.

And then I was back at Cal, and we'd just beat Stanford at our gym yet again, and it was boring 'cause we'd done it so many times, and I was going to get a TA job through the Regents and Chancellors scholarship office, and they'd give you a free Ipod for it, except that the application asked if you'd worked a dozen or so jobs that seemed irrevalent to the point, but, y'know, Ipod...and then I realized I wasn't even an enrolled student, even though I was living in campus housing.

And I figured, no big deal, I'll just go join the doctorate program that TNH ran, before I realized that I'd have no chance in hell of making it, and I was pondering what to do about this when I came to in the real world.

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