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The Berlitz Guide to discussing American Election Results.

Okay. So I might get a job sometime this year, and I'd like to see the world. And since I've got a friend in the Netherlands, I might finally take him up on his offer to show me the sites. But first I have to get a job. But let's forget all that, since it spoils the fun.

So, if one wants to be a good world traveller, at some points one has to confess their nationality. And confessing I'm American leads to a problem. I mean, most folks are good enough to distinguish "American in my country" from "President Bush's policies", but sometimes you want to make it clear.

So I'm collecting the phrase: "I did not vote for President Bush" in as many languages as possible. Bonus points if you can add "I hate him and his policies" to the end. :)

So if you can contribute to this worthy endeavour, feel free to comment below. :) [And if you're just going to flame me for being a Democrat, well, the line starts over there, I'll screen that stuff in this post. But I'll flag with the politics icon.]

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