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you'd think they had enough money to hire a decent copyeditor.

Dear Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins:

Okay, I admit it. I have a taste for Bad Revelations Fanfic, which is the genre y'all are writing. But one would think that by book #13, y'all could come up with somebody that's capable of noticing that the word you're using in a place is all *wrong* instead of leaving me sitting there with the very horrible mental image conjured up by this paragraph:

"...The boys won hands down, and I found out that Nicolae had taught them how to remember their individual parts through pneumonics. He used acrostics and acronyms so that if they learned a simple word, the letters represented the first letter of what they had to remember." (p. 218)

Pneumonics. He taught them by coughing in their faces? While I wouldn't put it past the future Antichrist, I suspect the word you meant was mnemonics. It's little stuff like this that makes this prequel suck even worse than the original series. (Along with godawful characterization, and what appears to be more than a bit of resentment, but that's present in the other books as well, so I won't complain as much about them. It's sorta par for the course in the fanfic genre, anyway.)

However, the use (and misuse!) of the English language is a little more unforgivable. But I guess that when you have more money than God, little things like a good copyeditor are only for mere mortals. That and you've got to keep milking the cash cow for all she's worth before people forget about what you've if, in this divided country, such a thing could happen.

Please do consider getting a better copyeditor when you go to write the sequels. Or at least a beta reader.

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