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Well, those of you following my LJ know I acquired a copy of the Left Behind Prequel (The Rising, for all the dorky names), and I have read said book.

As I have said before, I have a taste for Bad Revelations Fanfic. The books aren't exactly intended for deep thinking, but as thrillers, they're adequate and kind of fun to read. Enough that it's fair I call it my guilty pleasure. But this book...well, here's my capsule review I just gave ocelot in comments:

It sucks.

The Left Behind Series, with the exception of the "after Jesus comes back" of the last book, is at least a fun romp in the vein of thriller novels everywhere. In which, while the theology may at least be questionable, and the characters are rather wooden, they're fast reads and kinda fun if you don't really engage your brain.

This book isn't like that. While writing prequels are fun (I know, I'm working on it right now in regards to one of my characters -- but it helps me understand the character more deeply, knowing where she comes from), the genre doesn't call for it. I don't really particularly care about where the characters in thrillers come from, because they're supposed to be somewhat wooden in their presentation -- what happened before is somewhat irrevalent to what's going on now.

Besides, I just had issues with the way they did Nicolae's character. And Ray Steele comes off as a somewhat whiny jerk with what they did with him.

Ick. Yeah. I'd have to say give it a pass.

And that's how it stands.

More later. (I still need a bookworm icon.)

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