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oy, parents are insane.

So my mother woke up when I was giving the dog her morning allergy pill and handed me a list of demands.

  1. Do laundry. Clear all clothes from garage.
  2. Continue working on the room.
  3. Start removing stars, like when you are on the phone.
  4. Start packing up room. Sort through stuff - keep/yard sale
  5. Put away clean clothes.
  6. Help me with my closet, kitchen, and living room.
  7. Get boxes.

the funniest is three. Keep in mine the stars are on an eight foot ceiling, which I can barely touch with my arm fully extended. The mental image of cradling a phone while trying to pull down the stars...well, it's pretty clear my mother doesn't have much concern for safety. ;)

good thoughts for sanity *are* appreciated.

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