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laptop redux.


A still-dead Macavity is on its way home. Because, you know, even if I *had* decided to try to scrape up the money, I wasn't given much time to do so. Because they called again today and -- after they said yesterday that they'd hold it until Tuesday -- today they said they'd hold it only until Monday.

You know, and up until now, I was fairly impressed with the way the laptop held up to my abuses, but this is kinda a sour note towards the idea of going with IBM again. Because I can't trust them to even do anything that's remotely helpful towards fixing the thing. That and the odd $300 difference (cheaper when it's *out* of warranty) makes me wonder what the hell is going on.

Ah well, I'll take it to some friends in town who do computer repair and see what *they* can do. And if that's not salvagable, then I'll save up some money and get a new one and get Luns to help me move data onto my external drive. A couple folks have offered to chip in some money via Paypal, if I go that route, any money would be considered a loan, and I'll pay it back before September.

But I don't know if I'm going to do that yet.

Yeah, this whole thing makes me feel rather rotten. But I'll deal.

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