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the detritus of a life

Lesse, random flotsam and jetsam.

Since that's really all my life is these days.

Got GURPS:WWII in the mail yesterday, poked through the whole book. I pronounce the whole book cromulent. I will have to get more of the series. Yum.

Also, with my GURPS money last month, I finally subscribed to Pyramid, SJ Games' gaming magazine, and since then have been hanging out on the MOO over there. It was kinda funny to check this morning and find SJ, the Man himself, noting that I appeared to be a regular. It's a small thrill, but a good one. 'cause I'm just this girl, y'know? :)

What he said. (And I'm not just saying that because zibblsnrt wrote it.)

Today, I was also given a strange sense of awe in the oddest place. A package arrived in my mailbox yesterday, from Brisbane. Yeah. The one in Australia. Now, I was expecting it (looking for a Australian group's album), but it's still somewhat wonderful and awe inspiring to know that this package came from halfway around the world to end up in my hands. It's a feeling I don't get very often (I'm more often mailing packages *to* other countries, not getting them), and it's caused me to reflect a lot on the size of the world -- at both how huge and how small it is at the same time. I like having that odd conflicting double-sense.

Why was I getting a package from Australia? Well, I was looking for a CD by a group called Redgum. Not everybody will know this, but the Aussies were involved in our Vietnam adventure, just as they are involved in our current Iraq adventure. Last year, when I was doing some research on Vietnam Vets, I stumbled across a badly encoded copy of Redgum's "I Was Only 19", and the song immediately struck me hard. I vowed to get a cleaner copy of the song, and check out more of the group's work. The problem is, like many groups, they're only really well known inside their own country.

Hence, the package from Australia -- a CD of Redgum's greatest hits. I'm really liking it so far. Not just because I finally have a clean copy of "I Was Only 19" (although that's part of it, too) but because they're a really good group.

Still waiting for news on Macavity.

Hi to the new folks from PyraMOO who've discovered my LJ, too. :)

o/~ it was a war within yourself o/~

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