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song meme massive insanity

[Yes, I know I've been on a meme kick lately. I'll calm down and actually update in a bit, it's just hard to put it all in words. Hence memes are nice, because they're a way of getting my thoughts to focus, at least somewhat, towards one goal. Any help that can be useful in combating this would be welcome.]

Anyway, I overhead mactavish singing this in the hall:

Which song. . .

nearly always makes you happy when you're down? Five Iron Frenzy, "Dandelions"
nearly always calms you down when you're stressed? The Waterboys, "This is the Sea"
do you first remember hearing on the radio and recognizing? Could be almost anything, including a (nearly) life-long favorite. - The Beatles, "Here Comes the Sun"
do you usually play air guitar to? - Alex DeGrassi, "Johnny"
do you usually play air drums to? - Paul Simon, "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover"
do you always play air keyboards to? - Tori Amos, "Happy Phantom"
do you always play air bass to? - Spirit of the West, "Save this House"
do you always air conduct? - Aaron Copland, "Fanfare for the Common Man"
makes you think of sex? - Avenue Q, "The Internet is For Porn" (how can you *not*?)
is nearly impossible to turn off until it's finished? - Atwater and Donnelly, "Angel Gabriel"
do you prefer studio-recorded to live? - Harry Chapin, "30,000 Lbs. of Bananas"
do you prefer live to studio-recorded? - Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, "The Boxer" (1981 version with lost verse) (2004 version with theremin bridge)
is silly? - Tom Lehrer, "Selling Out", HHGttG soundtrack, "The Dolphins/So Long and Thanks For All the Fish"
is sad? - James Keelaghan, "Cold Missouri Waters"; Jim Croche, "King's Song"
do other people think you're nuts for liking? - Josh Groban, "You Raise Me Up"
makes you get up and dance? - Great Big Sea, "Own True Way"
was made by the first band you ever saw live? - Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, "Sound of Silence"
never fails to depress you? - Hollies "King Midas in Reverse"
makes you want to go out and kick major ass? - E Nomine, "Lord's Prayer 6'11" (aka "The Malakite Song" in my circle of friends.)


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