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Gratituous post on the new decor.


I've spent way too much work on it, and it's not *quite* done to satisfaction, but it's close enough.  I'm rather proud of this, because I hacked the stylesheet to get the look just right.  There's one last little bit waiting on a convo with the style creator, and one bit that's waiting on me to change colours on everybody on my friends list.  (When I started up LJ, I assigned garish colours to people.  I'm now standardizing on a gold on dark blue, which goes with my journal colour scheme.  Yes.  Even the Stanford people have to deal with those colours.)

Speaking of Stanford, I made a large concession to my boyfriend tonight.  I said, "If you want to apply to Stanford for your Ph.D, I think I'll be okay with that."  This is a *large* concession, for those who know me.  Of course, he's going to stick with his top two choices in US schools -- Harvard and Berkeley. :)

Anyway, I'm through the letter e, only 21 more letters to go.  I might do f before I sleep. 

Other than that, the room cleaning is going well, if slowly.  My mood seems to have mostly improved to, while not shiny happy people holding hands, at least well enough that i'm not snapping at people and crying at the drop of a hat.  My meds seem to work fast when I bother to take them.

What's new with all of you, the mostly silent contingent?

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