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flotsam, jetsam, and detritus

So, remember this post?

Well, we stuck it back in its box. And Mom then proceeded to go through all her books, and stumbled across it. Her first thing? "This must be one of your books," she said to me, a not bad guess considering some of my books got mixed in with hers. I looked at her, looked at the book, tried to keep the straightest face I could, and said, "Nope, not mine." Jill looks over, laughs, and says "It's not mine either!" but by this point we couldn't contain it anymore.

Mom opens the book up, and got this interesting expression on her face. I suggest, "Maybe you could practice with Dad." Jill adds, "...but don't tell us about it!"


The yard sale went. We didn't make much money off of it, but it was more of an exercise of "get rid of junk" as opposed to "make the big bucks". And as an exercise in "get rid of junk", it worked very well. But by the end of the day Saturday, Jill and I stumbled around in an oblivious haze, and thus it was considered in our best interest to crash out as early as possible. I didn't drag myself back up until after two.


Talking to an old middle school teacher about moving and used the sentence, "We're cleaning out the accumulated detritus from twelve years of living in one place." and she stops and looks at me and says to her colleague, "Who uses a word like that anymore?" Obviously me. She was trying to prove to her colleague just how smart I was, though. Which is cool.


Jill is busy hunting up leads on my great-grandfather's father. The story we have is that he was in Minnesota playing baseball, when he met my great-grandfather's mother, they got married, and then he was called off to war before my grandfather was born. The trouble with this is that my great-grandfather was born in 1915, which was before the United States entered the war. And tonight, Jill dug up an intriguing clue that our mystery relative may have come from New Zealand. (At least, there was a William with the proper last name from a Wellington regiment who is buried in Belgium -- killed in the Great War in February of 1918.)

So...if there's any Kiwis on my friends list that feel up to helping with a hunt on tracking this person to see if he could be my mysterious great-great-grandfather, I'd love to hear from you. I'll have to conduct the discussion in question in a private setting, as the last name is that of my mother's father's father, so it's sorta privledged info.)

Speaking of which, the use of mother's maiden name to verify financial records is really dumb now that I think about it.


Another thing I have a tendency to do is when I have a dollar to spare, I play with the toy machine in Safeway. And tonight was no exception. Except for tonight, on the first play I get with my dollar, I win a tiger. I actually hauled it up with the claw as opposed to knocking it down the chute.

So I have a stuffed animal and one play left, and I frown. Jill goes, "Go for the chicken or the alligator." I go for the alligator, since I thought it was kinda cute, and et voila, who'd have guessed, but I win that animal too. So I was two for two on the night. What craziness. ;)


And that seems to be all for this edition of the randomness in katster's life. Tune in next time for the crazy sitcom.

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