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blast from the past...

While I was an undergrad student at Berkeley, the main router to the internet had the preposterous name of inr-666, and was located in the basement of Evans Hall. While I could point to many instances of the techies at Berkeley having a sense of humour, it seems to be most summed up in the name of that router. And occasionally, it would go down, and when it went down, campus connectivity, not only to the Internet, but throughout campus would get all fugged up. And one annoying week, it was flapping (that is, going up and down repeatedly).

On that occasion, I penned this little ditty to inr-666:

The grand ol' router in Evans
Packets everywhere it would send
And for the longest time be up
And then be down again
And when it's up, it's up
And when it's down, it's down
And when it's only halfway up,
the net gets screwed around!

More later as I go excavating in my room.
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