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more flotsam from the excavation

This looks like homework from my Drama 10 class, but it gives you some idea of what I was thinking in the early days of my first semester of college:

  • I wanted my Uncle Ron to get me some tea.
  • My Uncle Ron wanted me to have some tea.
  • My Uncle Ron wanted me to cheer for San Jose.
  • I wanted him to cheer for Cal.
  • The BART conductor wanted me to get on the train early.
  • A cultist monk wanted to give me a book.
  • I wanted the ASUC to get my drama book in.
  • I wanted the Rally Committee to excuse me from duty.
  • Maya wanted me to eat some pizza.
  • I wanted Aaron to send me an email.

And something else that has struck me:

Compare this story with this one. The first was written in the spring of 1997. The second is still in-progress, but has been picked at over the course of this last semester. The second is a reworking of the first. It just shows how much I've grown as a writer over the course of the last eight years.

Maybe it's time for me to try to write some fiction that might be publishable.

But first, packing and cleaning. Back to work, slacker!

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