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100 things about me.

Gonna attempt to go all the way here. Pardon me if some of this gets boring.

(I came back to this after a few years of it lingering on my hard drive. I think I corrected most of the facts to keep up with where it is now.)

1. I was born in Redding, California, on November 21, 1978.
2. My given name (Katrina Anne Templeton, for those not in the know) means Pure and Graceful town of the Knights Templar, as best we can figure.
3. My mother swears that the fact that my initials are the same as the first three letters of my given name (and spell out something) is sheer coincidence.
4. I need to marry somebody with an R or an S last name to keep the initial patterns up. (R because it's the next letter of my given name, S because it would spell out 'KATS' (and is the first four letters of my online nick).
5. When I mentioned this fact to tropism and zibblsnrt one night, zibblsnrt's immediate reply was to point out that his last name would meet these requirements. This was before we were a couple.
6. I grew up in Anderson, California, a town that is mainly known for its factory outlets. Hence, I tend to say I'm from Redding.
7. The longest time I have spent out of state is two weeks, and that was a trip in 2002 to Nova Scotia. Before that it was a weekend.
8. I have no trouble proving I'm a California resident on University of California residency forms.
9. I have been in eleven states and one province. (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia.)
10. The first seven of those states were done in one weekend.
11. The last two states (Massachusetts and Kentucky) was only for a few boring hours sitting at two airports (Cincinnati/North Kentucky Airport on the Kentucky side of the river from Cincy, and Boston's Logan Airport)
12. I take odd pride that at one point in my life I was both a student and an alumna of the same university.
13. I like the number 13.
14. In high school, I liked to enter public speaking contests.
15. I went to the state level twice. There is a definite contrast between the VFW and the Sons of the American Revolution.
16. I got to take a week off school and fly to Sacramento, a definite treat, because I got to state level with the VFW.
17. One of my earliest memories involves an airplane flight.
18. My mother says that when that flight took off, I had a surprised expression because in my experience planes didn't go anywhere.
19. My dad worked at the Redding Airport, and had friends with the airlines who would let me play on the planes while they were cleaning.
20. For similar reasons, I've been up in a working air traffic control tower.
21. Not counting that early childhood flight, I remember flying on a commercial plane nine different times (that's four round trips and one one-way.)
22. Three of those flights took place in my senior year of high school.
23. In high school, I was a National Merit Scholar. (I barely made the cutoffs for the semifinal stage, though.)
24. I got a 1380 on my SATs (650 V, 730 M) and a 31 on my ACT (including a 36 (perfect) in reading). Both tied for the highest score in my class with Steve Schenk, who was really a brilliant guy.
25. I was accepted to the University of Southern California as a junior.
26. I decided not to go partially because my mother wasn't going to allow me to go if I said yes, and partially because I wanted to see if I could get into another school in the Bay Area.
27. That school was not Cal.
28. All for naught, I got a rejection letter from Stanford.
29. I also got a rejection letter from Harvard.
30. I nearly didn't go to Cal either, due to an administrative screwup. I needed a scholarship to attend any university, and I was waiting for Cal to send a letter to tell me if I'd gotten the scholarship or not. It was a rejection letter I received.
31. My first words upon finding this out was, "Great, I have to go to *DAVIS* now" with utter sarcasm.
32. Funny, a year and a half before this, I would have been happy going to Chico State.
33. To make a long story short, I had received the scholarship, but my file got put into somebody else's file, and they spit out automatic rejection letters for anybody they couldn't see in the folders.
34. In all but one year at Cal, I've lived in university owned housing. I liked having non-campus housing better.
35. I've once snuck on BART without paying.
36. I'm glad I didn't notice the video cameras until I was sneaking *out*.
37. I capped my sentences with "eh?" long before I knew it was a Canadianism.
38. One of the highest compliments I've received is that I'm a "wannabe Canadian". A real Canadian (Luns) said it.
39. The operating room I was born in at Shasta General Hospital is now a group therapy room for Shasta County Mental Health.
40. When I was really little, all clocks were "tick tocks"
41. Same with birds, they were all "ducks".
42. I am a third generation Shasta County resident.
43. All my grandparents went to rival high schools. My mother and father went to the same high school I did.
44. My kindergarten teacher no longer counsels parents that their children have just memorized the book instead of reading.
45. She did that to my mother. I later blew her theory out of the water. We were drawing, and when we were done, we'd bring the picture to a teacher to write what it was. I said, "This is Strawberry Shortcake wearing a red dress. The dress is messy." My kindergarten teacher, being in a hurry, only wrote the first sentence. I took the picture back, stared at it, and immediately said, "You forgot to write 'The dress is messy.'"
46. When I was tested soon afterward, I was reading at a third grade level.
47. I was put into the Gifted and Talented program immediately in 3rd grade.
48. On the other hand, the high school gifted coordinator hesitated putting me in the gifted classes. Not because I couldn't do the work, but because he was worried about my emotional maturity.
49. He says now that he's glad he made the call to put me in them.
50. My great grandfather (mom's mom's dad) was on the crews building Shasta Dam. Another of my great grandfathers (dad's mom's dad) fell while working on one of the Pit River dams, but survived.
51. I played one year of junior high softball and one year of junior varsity basketball in school.
52. I wanted to play varsity basketball (even if it was just sitting the bench), but the coach wanted me to videotape his games, so he refused to put me on the team.
53. In eighth grade, I worked out a deal with my history instructor. I'd not do the homework, take the tests, and he'd give me a B. In return, I could do whatever the heck I wanted during class. I mainly wanted the time to read.
54. Part of the lack of effort was that said history class was placed in the same room as my seventh grade geography/world history class.
55. My favourite teacher in junior high taught the seventh grade world history class. He was killed the weekend before the last week of school my seventh grade year when a car he was working on slipped its jack.
56. This being exactly a year after my grandfather died, it threw me for a loop.
57. For the longest time, I was afraid the same fate would befall my favourite high school teacher.
58. I will never forget that the capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, because my high school geography teacher made a joke about it.
59. I cited that fact when he asked if I'd learned anything in his class.
60. My driver's ed teacher was my uncle's roommate in college.
61. On both sides of the family, I am the eldest grandchild. I am the oldest great grandchild for my mom's dad's parents, and also for both sets of my dad's grandparents.
62. My firstborn will most likely be the eldest grandchild for my parents, but not for my possible future in-laws.
63. There were days I suspected I didn't belong in graduate school.
64. I am the first person in either of my parents immediate families to pursue a master's degree.
65. Thus, I am also the first person in either to complete one.
66. Someday, I would like to get a Ph.D.
67. But right now, I'll take getting a job.
68. I have never lived outside of the state of California.
69. Oddly enough, of my closest circle of friends, only one of them *is* in California at the moment. None of them are in Redding.
70. I am fond of roleplaying games. My favourite system is GURPS.
71. I have wandered through the inner workings of two dams.
72. On one of those tours, I got to see things that most people don't get to see.
73. This was because my uncle is a engineer working with the California Water Project, and was stationed at Oroville Dam.
74. The city I would most like to live in would be San Francisco.
75. But Boston, Toronto, Seattle, or Vancouver would probably be acceptable substitutes.
76. I do not consider Los Angeles an acceptable substitute. Nor Texas.
77. My favourite major league baseball team is the San Francisco Giants.
78. I have no favourite profession football team. My favorite college team is, of course, the California Golden Bears.
79. I believe Jeff Tedford is God, even if he screwed up the game plan against Texas Tech.
80. That last statement is only about half facetious.
81. The worst Big Game I have ever attended was the one on November 21, 1998, in which Cal was the better team, but Stanford won 10-3.
82. It will be noted that game was on my 20th birthday.
83. The next time Cal plays Stanford on November 21st will be in 2009. I will be 31.
84. The best big game I have attended was on November 23rd, 2002, in which Cal defeated Stanford 30-7.
85. That was the first big game win I saw since I have been rooting for the Golden Bears.
86. Yes, this means Stanford had the Axe through my entire undergraduate college career.
87. The first time I saw said Axe was attending a Cal-Stanford basketball game down on the Farm. Yes, I wanted to steal it.
88. The first time I got to touch the Axe was Monday, November 25th, 2002.
89. One of my most prized possessions is a framed copy of the Daily Cal the Monday after the Play.
90. I was a Girl Scout for 11 years.
91. I didn't manage to win the Gold Award, but I was pleased that I made an environment in which we kept junior high and high school students interested in Scouts in my council.
92. A large chunk of my closest friends were met eight and a half years ago on IRC.
93. I met them after I'd accused them of all being sponge minions in alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die
94. They still liked me anyway. Go figure.
95. I don't believe in long distance relationships. Yes, even though I'm in one. ;)
96. Three students from my high school class went to Berkeley. I was the only one to receive a full-ride scholarship. The other two students were our co-valedictorians.
97. I am manic-depressive, and have other medical problems. My warranty expired long ago.
98. I once shook hands with the (then) Governor of California, Pete Wilson.
99. I also shook hands with a Nobel Prize winner (Glenn Seaborg, the discoverer of plutonium. Element 106 is named after him.) I also worked his slide projector, which is why he shook my hand.
100. This was harder to write than it looks.

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